On the launch pad

I am writing this two days before my plane takes off  — hopefully with me on board, and not trapped in a bathroom stall at SeaTac Airport.

Northern Greece in midwinter is not a shorts-and-sandals affair. Thessaloniki is 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius) right now, and raining. It’s mandatory to bring warm clothing, as we will be operating in an unheated factory space near the Aegean Sea.

I am getting over a truly awful cold and am on antibiotics for a sinus infection, which kept me sick as a dog, for Christmas. I’m wondering if it was brought on in part by the retinue of vaccinations and oral doses I received a few weeks earlier — for the flu, typhoid, and a few other choice nasty ailments. Hopefully, the jolt to my immune system will be under control by the time I make it to Greece.

You can get lost in the details of planning an overseas trip; it gets really interesting when you are lugging an additional two giant bags of camp supplies, which my carrier, Lufthansa is carrying gratis. All I know is, they outweigh me.


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