In Praise of Women

My life experience as an older woman and a mother helped to open doors at Frakapor refugee camp, where I volunteered in January 2017. The camp, located in northern Greece near the Macedonian border, was home to several hundred people, a large percentage of them Syrian Kurds, and many of them families with children. Because [...]

Finally en route

I am finally en route on a flight to Frankfurt, Germany, the first hop on my trip to Thessaloniki, Greece. We are flying from the afternoon into a bank of darkness, as evening sets quickly. When we land in Germany, we will be nine hours ahead. When we land in Thessaloniki, we will be 10 [...]

On the launch pad

I am writing this two days before my plane takes off  -- hopefully with me on board, and not trapped in a bathroom stall at SeaTac Airport. Northern Greece in midwinter is not a shorts-and-sandals affair. Thessaloniki is 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius) right now, and raining. It's mandatory to bring warm clothing, as we [...]